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U.S. Supreme Court building U.S. Supreme Court building

On the same day when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that all states must recognize same-sex marriages, the progressive U.S.-based Episcopal Church is considering whether to extend its work for justice to LGBT people in Africa.

The church’s General Convention, now under way in Salt Lake City, Utah, will decide whether to authorize not only same-sex blessings in United States, but also expanded support for LGBT advocacy in Africa.

Resolution A051 asks the Episcopal Church to strengthen its existing relationships with progressive African scholars and activists who are working for recognition of LGBT rights and for the repeal of anti-gay laws.

Church members and others have begun to recognize that in Nigeria,  Uganda, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Zimbabwe and elsewhere, LGBT activists lose their livelihoods and sometimes their lives for advocating equal justice and equal access to health care for LGBT citizens. These…

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