The contrast of my life here and there.  So much control – the trains are predictable, the rocks have bolts – I recently had a nightmare where all my clocks stopped working.  The tool that I use to sync with the rules of this society stopped working.  I am average, or even at the bottom here.  I know nothing. My education seems to be less than that of most of the people who surround me.  My skills to ascend are minimal. I hardly can do math.  It is all relative. 

Thinking about the victims of coupcoup attacks and motorcycle accidents.  Nothing is certain.  A watch would just drive that message home. Who learns to ride a motorbike before purchasing one? You never know when it will end. Today, tomorrow, any day.  Today you have 10 kids – tomorrow they may all be gone.   But yet, I believe we are equals in this world. The context has just changed. But there no body understands why I am in school, why I don’t have a husband, and where I am hiding my children.